With High Level MTC: Messaging That Converts

Attract Your Perfect Client

Powerful messaging is the back bone to every business. It's simply effective communication. I'm going to teach you how to create powerful messaging that can be used in emails, content and in person to convert curiosity 2 cash!

Master Your Mindset

Most business owners can't stuck in ideation. You get stuck in the thought of an idea but execution is hard. Our in house Life Coach will teach you how to dispel your limiting beliefs to get you out of your own mindless loop.

Build Your Confidence

Our certified Wardrobe Consultant and Pro MUA will teach you how to choose your perfect uniform and makeup look, to help you look and feel your best to get optimum productivity and confidence!

Why we chose to theme this around Scandal

Who was the most memorable CEO from TV?

Right! Olivia Pope

Throughout the seasons, Olivia was shown constantly receiving phone calls from potential clients who NEEDED what she had to offer. Very rarely, if ever at all, did she seek them out. The reason Olivia was able to ATTRACT clients on demand, was because people had seen proof of the transformation she was able to bring her clients. She was very clear on exactly who she could help, and confident in the way she approached every interaction.

This workshop is going to teach you how to become the OLIVIA POPE of your industry.


Sold in 20k in 3 months

The Safe Place

Sold 9k in 1 month

Step & Sip

Doubled their attendees in 1 month

Loc'd In Beauty

Added an additional $600/m

If you are wondering...

This is for you if you are...



Expert in your field

Own a service based business

Looking to make more money consistently

Wanting to leave your 9-5 to be a full time entrepreneuHER

Currently a full time entrepreneuHER struggling to make revenue

Uncomfortable being on camera and video

Has a lot of ideas, not sure where to start


ELEVATE | April 7, 2024 | 2:00-6:00PM | Wanderstay Hotel

This is an in person workshop, held at Wanderstay Boutique in Houston, TX. This is not your typical business seminar, where you're sitting in an audience, listening to big wigs talk about themselves for hours. This is a workshop, emphasis on work. So you will be rolling up your sleeves and implementing as you learn. At the end of the workshop you will walk away with clarity on your business, offer and messaging. You'll also walk away with a 30 day strategy on increasing revenue in your business, powerful connections with other business owners, as well as confidence to show up in your business on and offline.

ELEVATE 4.7.24